Today, it is difficult to believe that commissioners actually allowed aviation to have a primetime slot on national terrestrial television. But from 1996-2000, they recognised the popularity of aviation and its place in the nation's heritage.

The Air Show went out before Top Gear on BBC2 on a Sunday and was broadcast around the world on BBC Worldwide. It was an aviation magazine show - presenter-led with short films about all aspects of aviation - from travel pieces to fast jet displays, military stories & aviation history.

It was a great format and is missed by many aviation fans. But nowadays, a show like that would not get commissioned. It's sad but in today's TV landscape aviation is not seen as sufficiently mainstream.

Nevertheless, Martin was lucky enough to work on this fantastic series. And so he got to indulge his passion for aviation - and went filming with the M.O.D. and at airfields and airshows around the country. Most memorable moment? Air-to-Air refuelling over the North Sea in an AWACS or maybe the ground-hugging, low-level supply drop down the Wye Valley in a C130 Hercules...

Broadcaster: BBC2 (2000). Production Company: BBC Features & Events, White City, London.

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