Weaponology - or the genetics of weapons

This series, made by Flashback Television in 2006 and 2007 was broadcast on Discovery and Discovery Military in many territories.

It took a simple “family tree” concept but applied it to the world of weapons & destruction and created a new word in the process!

Weaponology was a great show to make, combining specially-made graphics with a “quick-cut” visual style, relentless pacey interviews and dramatic reconstruction. There was also plenty of room for graphic demonstrations of scientific principles & weapons in action.

Martin filmed in the US - getting to visit Aberdeen Proving Ground, Texas & Fort Hood. He also filmed with the US Military in mainland Europe at the US Army training base in Grafenwhoer.

Martin was in his element filming weapons, mad cap machines, Humvees, tanks, grenade launchers & Stryker APCs.

He made 2 epsiodes of series 1 - ep.4 Artillery & ep.10 Frags, Pineapples & RPGs.

Broadcaster: Discovery (2006-2007) - 13 x 50 minutes Science & Weapons. Production Company: Flashback Television Ltd.

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