Secret War - Tales of Daring-Do against a deadly foe

Secret War is a 13-part documentary series commissioned by Yesterday Channel in the UK & distributed internationally by IMG. It tells the fascinating stories of the spies, agents & saboteurs of S.O.E. who "set Europe ablaze" in World War Two.

The highlight for Martin was getting to meet some of the few remaining veteran agents & resistance members - their ranks sadly are rapidly dwindling. Likewise, meeting legendary historian the late M.R.D. Foot before his death in early 2012 was a rare privilege. Sharing a pint & a spot of lunch at his local whilst listening to his stories is a moment that will be remembered very fondly.

Martin made 3 episodes, Hardy Amies - Operation Ratweek - which told how the Queen's couturier masterminded a wartime execution campaign - The Banker & The Bomb - an investigation of the role of banker Charles Hambro in masterminding the wartime raid on the Norske Hydro heavy water plant - and a story unearthed by Martin himself, The SAS Italian Job. It explored Operation Tombola, a daring S.A.S. raid on a German HQ behind the lines in Italy. Led by two colourful characters, Roy Farran & Michael Lees, it's worthy of a Boys Own adventure or Commando comic storyline. Martin shot the film in Italy with unprecedented access to the villas the S.A.S. attacked, testimony from veterans & Italian reenactors doing the drama work. A never-before told story for broadcast TV.

Broadcaster: Yesterday Channel (2010) - 13 x 50 minutes historical documentary. Production Company: World Media Rights Ltd. International Distributor: IMG.


Martin J O Hughes Secret War press review
Martin J O Hughes Secret War press review - Radio Times

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