Nazi Collaborators - shades of grey

What would you do if you found your country invaded & under occupation? For many Europeans, the change came frighteningly fast. Some would eventually choose the path of resistance, many others got on with life as best as possible, but another group, the collaborators, saw Nazi occupation as a world of exciting new possibilities.

The series explores the different motives of those who decided to side with the German occupier. From Belgian idealists who joined the SS, to the ambitious young politician Leon Degrelle who inspired them. It even explores the motives of those Germans, the Mischlinge, who despite being persecuted by the Nazi state, still fought for Hitler. Some even lost their grandparents to the concentration camps but still fought for the 3rd Reich. This compelling documentary series asks...why?

Nazi Collaborators mixes rare archive with in-depth interviews & specially-shot location filming. Self shot on Canon DSLRs, Sony DSR & Z1. Martin wrote, filmed & directed the episodes Leon Degrelle - The Belgian Collaborator, Vidkun Quisling & The "Jews" who fought for Hitler.

Broadcaster: Discovery Military Channel & Yesterday Channel (2010) - 13 x 50 minutes historical documentary. Production Company: World Media Rights Ltd. International Distributor: IMG.


Martin J O Hughes Nazi Collaborators press review - Radio Times

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