Nazi Hunters - tracking down a deadly foe

Sometimes the justice system after World War Two was found wanting - prompting the aggrieved to take justice into their own hands.

This series of thirteen one-hour films tells the tale of that extraordinary group of people, the Nazi Hunters.

They chased some of the most hated and reviled people on earth. Sometimes they did it for the highest of motives. Sometimes in ways that, when revealed, would horrify their own supporters. They were chasing those whose crimes were so horrendous that they demanded retribution.

There were many prepared to hunt the perpetrators until justice was done – from Churchill to the SAS to the Strategists who planned the D Day landings to Mossad. These stories of pursuit and the struggle to balance the scales of justice are full of drama and tragedy.

Martin made 6 one-hour documentaries in 6 months for production Company World Media Rights. This required high levels of logistics planning, quick & efficient procurement & use of archive film plus a cool head in the edit. Martin had two edit suites running simultaneously to realise this project on time & on budget.

Episodes: The Nazi Rocket Scientists, The Good Nazi? - Albert Speer, Hermann Goering - The Star Exhibit, The Killing of Rheinhardt Heydrich, The Hunt for Martin Bormann & The Hunt for Adolf Eichmann.

Broadcaster: Discovery Military Channel & Yesterday Channel (2010) - 13 x 50 minutes historical documentary. Production Company: World Media Rights Ltd. International Distributor: IMG.


Martin J O Hughes Nazi Collaborators press review - Radio Times Martin J O Hughes Nazi Collaborators press review - Radio Times

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