Battle Plan - Dissection & analysis of two contrasting military battles

One of the most important aspects of battle is often overlooked in the telling of war stories: the strategy.

Battleplan takes viewers into the heart of famous battles, examining how exactly the commanders planned and fought. Through detailed analysis and historical comparisons, we'll see how famous strategies were developed and executed.

For example, the most recent wartime strategy of "shock and awe" can trace its origins to the German Blitzkreig of 1940. Were they successful? What lessons were learned?

This series was Martin's first project for World Media Rights & Discovery. It still airs on the Discovery Military Channel & Yesterday Channel in the UK & is a popular series thanks to a strong concept. Martin worked across the whole series, researching, APing & producing.

Broadcaster: Discovery Military Channel & Yesterday Channel (2004) - 13 x 50 minutes historical documentary. Production Company: World Media Rights Ltd.(Formely Nugus Martin Productions Ltd.). International Distributor: IMG.

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