Web Design & Digital Media

Martin is a trained web-designer and a massive fan of the possibilities afforded by cheaper and cheaper filming equipment and the rise in popularity of web video.

This means film making is becoming ever more democratic, with viewers choosing what they watch, when they watch and on which device. The days of TV commissioners dictating what an audience has to watch at what time are fast disappearing.

Viewers can pick and choose programming that interests them and seek it out on the web.

Importantly, not only does broadcasting over the web enable you to target a worldwide audience, but it also gives advertisers greater benefits than traditional TV advertising - with much greater statistical analysis and empirical data about the true reach of their ad campaigns.

With this in mind, Martin decided to embrace web design & web video and acquire the skills needed for state of the art standards compliant web-design with HTML5 video.

In an increasingly digital age, this enables Martin to understand both the needs and requirements of web designers whilst also providing them with broadcasting and video expertise.

To that end, he launched his first web tv offering in 2012.

www.scalewarmachines.com was devised, designed & founded by Martin. Scale War Machines is a dedicated digital portal for model makers and military history enthusiasts - a multi-media website with video at its core. It enables hobbyists to interact with each other and watch dedicated video content made to the highest broadcast standards.

Scale War Machines

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